8th October 1878 – 12th day

“Last night was awful. We kept shipping large waves right over our house & the water made its way in somehow & all our provisions pails & co. were once more left to the freaks of the ocean, or, as the poet says, on the loose. Arthur had to turn out 3 times during the night to get rid of some of the superfluous water while I made 4 similar journeys. My bones feel like jelly & altogether I feel very rickerty. Cold pork & ham for breakfast breakfast which was easily got rid of again.

Travel Diary 13th Oct 1878

They have just sighted a vessell & after speaking her we find that she has had bad weather & has lost a part of her foremast & that the crew are discontented & wont work. Her name was the Salernum. The ladies are up to-day for a short time but the guv’nor still keeps in his cocker-walk. Wind contrary again & we are only doing 5 knots an hour. Bed at 6pm & read till 8”

Extract from A.Whelen’s travel diary sailing from England to Australia aboard the Hesperides in 1878

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