2nd October 1878 – 6th day

“Up at 6 to see the sun-rise, splendid morning but a nasty long swell on. Stew for breakfast which was A1. Arthur tried his hand at fishing as we saw thousands of fish around us but he did not catch a single one. Today we are all feeling much better after our late sickness & we are beginning to enjoy it a little only it is a dreadfully lazy life. If things go on like this I shall have to let 2 or 3 buttons out of my waist coat as I already feel much stronger. Dinner at 1. Peasoup, Roast Beef, Rice & Tapioca pudding which we all managed to do justice to. At 3.30pm we saw a small fishing boat making for us bringing fresh fish to our market. I find that we are now about 25 – 30 miles off Plymouth so that we have not done much for the time we are out. The fish the captain exchanged for some salt beef, rope, biscuits & 3 lbs tobacco.

Small boat at sunsetTea at 6. Fried Soles. Boiled Fish (name unknown) Tea & bread & butter; this was the most enjoyable meal that we have had as yet & was appreciated by all. Beautiful sunset & altogether a very fine evening. Bed at 9.45″

Adventures aboard the iron clipper Hesperides as recorded by A.Whelen in his hand written travel journal, dated 1878

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