12th October 1878 – 16th day

All up today, but unluckily we are now nearly stationary there being no wind.

Soup & Bouilli (known on board as Bully) and Rice for Dinner. Bread Cheese & Pickles for Supper. We are now beginning at last to feel our sea legs and so enjoying our food which has not as yet been the case. Before we went to bed we got a visit from the third mate who is trying to make us tell the truth. He says last voyage the vessel went right under one side & came up the other 3 times so we know what we may expect.”

Extract from A.Whelen’s travel journal sailing from England to Australia aboard the Hesperides in 1878

2 thoughts on “12th October 1878 – 16th day

    • That’s the beauty of few notes jotted down about one’s travels – They transcend time 😉
      Also gives an insight into trends of the times, like yesterday’s:
      “The cook threw his cat overboard this morning for a fair wind & I hope now that they at last come.”
      Thanks for dropping by Paul ~

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