29th September 1878 – 3rd day

“Arthur & myself up at 3.30 to see the sheets hung up and the last of the tug which left us at 5.30. Saw the sun rise & had a cup of hot coffee which did us both good as it was rather cool out. Hot roast beef for breakfast. Today is a perfect calm & we have not done more than 10 miles for we have been in sight of Brighton all day.

Engraving of a sheep

On board livestock to feed the passengers on their 90+ day adventure across the world

This morning we took a walk round the farmyard (viz 3 pigs, 3 sheep, 72 fowls, 24 ducks & sundry other birds of prey) in search of a church but did not succeed.

Bed at 9.30. At this rate I am very much afraid we shall take more than 70 days which is a good passage –“

A travel journal extract from A.Whelen’s travels sailing from England to Australia in 1878

2 thoughts on “29th September 1878 – 3rd day

  1. In only the second year of “new” Australia’s existence, the idea that they only covered ten miles and had no idea when they would arrive simply takes you back to yesteryear and all its challenges.

  2. Yes, relying 100% on the wind! A much ‘greener’ way to travel 😉
    Reading this personal account and being privy to his experience I find reinforces the value of jotting a few notes for future enjoyment!

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