Grandchildren Following the Footsteps

A few years ago Rosemary packed up home to travel around Australia on an extended holiday.

When she reached Central Australia she came across Journey Jottings Journal Maps.
She bought three Australia Journal Maps.
Posting one to each of her grandchildren who lived in Great Britain.

Where’s Grandma?

From this point on on her travels around Australia, she posted either Post Cards, or emailed the grandchildren as to the name of the place she’d reached.

dot route on map

The children had to search the map to find where she was.

Plot Her Route on the Map

Once located, they plotted her route on the pictorial map, marking their grandmother’s progressive road trip around Australia.

When she told me this tale I couldn’t help but agree what a:

  • fun
  • educational and
  • interactive way

to involve the grandchildren in her travels around a distant land.

They discovered and highlighted her holiday adventures, together 🙂


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