Year at a Glance – September 2011

September 2011 ~ Year at a Glance

 Our highlight in September was the fruition of Journey Jottings’ new website.

New website for Journey Jottings in September 2011

The design and development of Journey Jottings website

I made contact with Simon of Line In Web Design in July.  He and his partner Erin are digital nomads who travel the world and work on the move. The project was initiated in England and was completed in Kyoto, Japan.

I initially crossed paths with them on Twitter, both of us being part of the travelling fraternity there.

I was drawn to their travel blog Never Ending Voyage, which Simon had both designed and developed. I was amused that he too used a sailing ship as part of their brand design and found it even funnier when I saw his surname… Fairbairn, the same as mine (no relation!) To add a further sidetrack of synchronisity Simon’s partner Erin’s birthday is the same as my partner’s… One has to smile! 😉

Simon put together a comprehensive proposal whilst in England (where I posted him some samples so he could get a feel for our products). We exchanged numerous emails in which he drilled me for information as to what the primary and secondary purpose of the site was, who my users were to ensure the design would connect, engage and hold them, and what I wanted them to know or do during their visit.

Two new Map Magnets and New website

While he started work behind the scenes, I started work on the Menu bar, which forms the site map for the visitor – Poor website navigation is a personal bane of mine – so I was keen any information be no more than two clicks away, and that it would be findable more than a fluky first time! I therefore asked him to incorporate a Menu bar with double drop downs.

The visual design needed to convey our ‘Why’. Why we do what we do here at Journey Jottings ~ Our essence… the fun of highlighting holiday adventures for future reminiscing with tactile holiday memories… spending time with travel memories is like taking a mini-break.

Our hand-drawn pictorial maps are printed on uncoated textured paper, which Simon scanned in to use as the site’s background and incorporated our signature travelling trails of dots and footprints ‘walking’ under the main section of the page, and on the blog ‘walking’ over the right hand column.

He created three main focus areas on the Home page clearly pointing the way for first time visitors –

  • Did they need an Introduction to what we did?
  • Want to get straight down to business and simply Buy Now?
  • Or need to get in touch and Contact Us?

New Journey Jottings website

He also developed a number of plugins for managing sales and freight that allow for postage rates to be calculated for both our local domestic market and international destinations.

To read about the behind the scenes ‘geeky’ stuff Simon wrote up a post on his Line In site ~ Check out his Line In Portfolio.


Each month I notate on a Map Journal a highlight so at year’s end 2011 will be simply summarized on a single sheet and as I scratch my head and say…

“Where did that year go?”

I can peruse my Year at a Glance and go…

“Oh yes, I remember now!” 😉

 What was your September highlight?

Do share in the comments below 

Journey Jottings... highlights your holiday adventures

Year at a Glance – August 2011

As the year flies past, at the end of each month I select a highlight to record so at year’s end (when I’m thinking ‘Where did that go?’) I can view the Year at a Glance and say – That’s where it went… and just look at what I did!

August 2011 Year at a GlanceHaving got the Puzzle Postcards in production in July, the first were being delivered to retailers in August…

But also in August we added two new designs to the Map Magnet range.

Australia pictorial Map MagnetsMap Magnet #32 is of the Eyre Peninsula in South Australia.

And Map Magnet #33 is from Melbourne up to Mildura in Victoria.

Both can be found on the Eastern Australia Map Magnets page (scroll down to the very bottom)

 What was your highlight last month?

Do share in the comments below 🙂

Journey Jottings

Year at a Glance – April & May 2011

Each month I select a *highlight*, which I enter on a Map Journal, so at year’s end I can view (simply summarized on a single sheet) ~

*My 2011 Year at a Glance*

I’m the worst when it comes to acknowledging my achievements – I’m a hit and run girl, get back to base and strike again for the next lap before even drawing breath from the last round.

At the beginning of last year I took to stopping once a month to turn around and say OK – what’s been doing?


So my *highlight* for May 2011 was being able to say (and celebrate) that

I’ve been blogging for 2 years 🙂

I wrote a post  Blog, Blog, Blogging Away reviewing what I’d covered. I was quite surprised where the blogging trail had taken me…

That’s the bonus of sometimes stopping long enough to take stock.

It also helped me shape where the road should go in the coming year. Following noses is fun… but a little directional honing doesn’t go astray for maintaining focus either.

So, where to now?


What was *your* May *highlight*? 🙂

Do tell in the comments below –

It’d be good to get it noted *somewhere* 😉

Year at a Glance – March 2011

We’re doing something we’ve never done before!

I can’t say it’s something I’m happy about, but in response to the market…

We’ve discontinued a line.

Our Australia Scrapbook Pack is now, no longer 🙁

2011 Year at a Glance ~ March

Having introduced the Scrapbook Pack in 2006 (by public demand), we’ve had 5 happy years of supplying those with a bent for cutting, cropping and pasting to really make the most of their photo albums and memories.

Even though I say it myself, it was the best thing since sliced bread if you wanted bordered boxes for framing or accenting photos and mementos, or to write up a little piece of journalling, or create a stand out heading ~ Particularly if you were after classic Australian illustrations of flora and fauna and (as per our creed) Australia Made 🙂

Australia Scrapbook Pack

But as they say, all good things have to come to an end.

Or do they?

Maybe not quite ~

For those who like the 12″ format,

we’re still doing the 12″ square Australia Map.

Map of Australia

Like all of our maps they’re printed with soya inks on eco-label certified & FSC (Forest Stewardship Council) paper, which in this case is a cream colour with a 140 gsm thickness. (RRP $4.95)

But I digress!

The purpose of this post is to illustrate a *highlight* (or maybe in this case a lowlight) from the previous four weeks.

As you’ll have seen from the opening illustration, this is entered in one of the boxes on a Map Journal so at year’s end… we can see our year at a glance.

To see our 2011 Year at a Glance *highlights* thus far:

2011 here’s the link

Or to look back at the completed sheet of 2010 Year at a Glance:

2010 click here.

What was your highlight for March?

Please share it in the comments below

Year at a Glance – February 2011

Each month, I grab one of our Map Journals and enter a *highlight* in one of the eleven boxes that surround the central pictorial map of Australia.

When 2011 comes to a close, I can then re-view the year neatly

summarized on a single sheet ~

My advancements, my successes, things I’ve achieved or done but which, (I don’t know about you) I have a tendency to overlook at the time as I rush on to the next thing on my To Do list  ~ In other words I rarely take the time to appreciate my Ta Da’s 😉 (sung out in a rising crescendo)

We’re all familiar with using an at a glance planner or an at a glance wall calendar ~ well, this is a way to see your 2011 Year at a glance 🙂

Our January highlight was the first of our locally made Map Magnets rolling off the production line here in Brisbane (amidst the flooding Brisbane River)

So, what was February’s highlight?

The 5th edition of our Mail-It Map successfully published!

Having sold 100,000 Mail-It Maps of previous editions we reviewed what twists and turns we’d taken on the Mail-It Map journey and made some changes…

We went from a folded C6 to a DL size, so changed the envelopes to a long 100% Australian made recycled eco-envelope to go with the new shape.

We’re also thrilled to bits with the funky translucent paper band packaging ~

Do you like it?

What was your February *highlight*?


Add it in the comments below for posterity 😉