Rainbow visions for 2011

Its New Year’s Eve!

An evening of optimism and anticipation ~

New Years Eve is like a rainbow ~

No matter how dark or stormy the end of year may be, a glimmer of sunshine always filters through to create a streaming arch of colour lifting you up, and over, and who knows, maybe to that elusive crock of gold awaiting on the other side!

Irks from the last year are shed, and possibilities for the new year planned ~

What dreams and aspirations lie somewhere over your rainbow?

Here in Queensland we’ve had wild weather over the festive season ~ In fact we saw record low temperatures in November, record rainfall in December and our dams that were dangerously low (down to 20% capacity) are now overflowing. But with that comes sights like this from our office window 🙂

What lies at the end of that rainbow?

Will 2011 be the year we find out? 😉

Keep me posted in the comments below!

My Artist’s Date

At times the world seems quite manic.

Family life feels fast and furious, business gets busier and there’s a constant race servicing the needs of family members, business colleagues and company customers.

With so much energy pouring out of the pot (solving other people’s problems) one can’t help but cry

“What about ME!!”

In her series of Artist’s Way books Julia Cameron refers to the risk of your ‘well’ being sucked dry… not good for your family, your business and of course most importantly YOU!! 😉

To ensure the well gets replenished she talks of making anArtist Datewith yourself where you go on:

“A solitary expedition with your ‘creative self’ into new, interesting, and expansive territory. Expeditions do not need to involve ‘high art’. They might be a trip to an aquarium store, a concert, a used-record store, a drive in the country – anything that ‘fills the well’ – for you. Artist dates are undertaken alone.”

I love my ‘Artist’s dates’ so, on Saturday I went to GoMA (Brisbane Gallery of Modern Art), which always re-hydrates me!

I chose to leave the Valentino retrospective for another day ~ And headed to the upper gallery where some beautiful indigenous works caught my eye ~
Here  is a detail from a work by Angelina Ngal portraying an ethereal landscape  of her grandfather’s Arlparra country in the Eastern Desert:

Arlparra Country (detail) 2006 by Angelina Nga

A stark contrast to Robert Macpherson’s hardware paintbrushes demonstrating how inspiration can flow from anything ~ even down to formulating the colours used and matching their proportions 😉

I couldn’t help but be attracted to this with its global map projection appearance ~

And it always amuses me when does a straight line become a curve ? 😉

While most of the galleries are enclosed, there are some beautiful large windows that connect the inside art with the outside world ~

I loved this view of a futuristic feeling sculptural work that hummed at various electronic frequencies depending on your proximity to it juxtaposed, out of the window, against a classic pioneering Aussie icon the wind mill to one side and what seems to be becoming a modern day city icon on the other, a ferris wheel!

Past, Future & Present

Past… Future… Present

And looking out the other way towards the William Jolly Bridge an image of  merging cultures.

William Jolly Bridge, Brisbane

On the river-side of the gallery is the new walking bridge that links South Bank to the City, offering a short-cut up to Roma Street Parklands ~ Called Kurilpa Bridge, the word Kurilpa was a term used by the original Aboriginal inhabitants in the West End Area meaning a ‘place for water rats’.

Feeling replete from the absorption of fresh new sights and sounds, and inspired by all manner of concepts taking my thinking bouncing off at tangents, I’m feeling fired back up and ready to burn 😉

You got to burn to shine!

You Got To Burn To Shine

John Giorno

Tell me in the comments below…

Do you make and take Artist’s Dates?

What do you like to do, or

where do you go to replenish your soul? 🙂

Cultural Exchanges

Cultural exchanges in Australia ~

I was in Brisbane last week ~ And with business done…

Old & New in Brisbane, Queensland

I couldn’t resist popping into the Queensland Art Gallery for a quick look!

Queensland Art Gallery

It fascinates me how they’re able to have such a beautiful big water feature in amongst their delicate art works! For the longevity of the exhibits the building is constantly monitored for atmospheric changes to ensure the works are never too hot nor too humid; so how, I wonder, do they keep humidity in check with all that water in the building? 🙂

I liked the juxtaposition of this display composition.

Mixed Cultures

Two interpretations from two different cultures.

Yet all made in the same place at the same time from the same source of materials ~

All the craft-works in this group have been made in Queensland,  about the turn of the nineteenth/twentieth centuries, from local timber materials ~

The shields and the woven basket made by the indigenous population,

and the tilt top table made by a migrant Joseph Soblusky.

Queensland timbers, European design

Such beautiful designs and patterns from two cultural perspectives ~


I’m always taken by Margaret Preston’s work ~ I particularly love her renditions of native Australian flora, so this image of Sturt Desert Peas caught my eye.

Margaret Preston

However, the obvious indigenous influences in this work, painted in 1943, has in more recent times attracted criticism of her applying cultural designs without understanding their meanings.

QR Bench

Back out of the gallery and on my way home, I thought this was a nice little detail on the South Brisbane railway station ~ The platform benches with a QR (Queensland Rail) insignia.


Journey Jottings:

Where/When/How ~ What did I See, Hear, Smell, Touch, Taste?

  • Queensland Art Gallery, June 2010, quick side-visit
  • native timbers organically patterned with ochres / hewn structure
  • echoes of soft voices, whispering around the all encompassing space
  • history
  • cultural exchanges



    Ron Mueck Exhibition

    When Ron Mueck’s exhibition at  GOMA (Gallery of Modern Art) came to Brisbane…

    I went on the opening day!

    GoMA Brisbane

    Entrance to GOMA Brisbane

    It was an extraordinary experience of observing human forms; finding oneself staring transfixed at bodily details.

    Woman with sticks 2008 Ron Mueck

    Down to the scratch marks under the arm of this woman with sticks

    Peering into the worlds of human beings frozen in time.

    In Bed Ron Mueck


    At times the gallery crowd became part of the scene.

    Wild Man Ron Mueck


    The Wild Man’s vulnerability was exacerbated by the disparity in his size contrasting with who controlled the space.

    Wild Man Ron Mueck

    Wild Man Ron Mueck

    Wild Man Ron Mueck

    Wild Man Ron Mueck

    Yet the disparity of scale was turned upside down with these two ladies who totally controlled the space with their distrust.

    Two Women Ron Mueck

    Who is observing who?

    Two Women Ron Mueck

    Suspicion? Disapproval?


    One’s attention couldn’t not be drawn to the intricacies of the external form and the brilliance of Mueck’s technique.

    Ron Mueck


    With the human body but a vessel taking us on our life’s journey…

    Ron Mueck

    I found myself being drawn into what was going on unseen within

    Ron Mueck

    Inside the Vessel

    the thoughts, feelings and desires dwelling deep within his subjects ~ their hopes and fears for the future…

    Ron Mueck

    …their past

    and their unfulfilled aspirations taken unnoticed with them to their death bed.

    Dead Dad Ron Mueck


    Stepping back outside and into the real world… the evening light was falling on Brisbane…

    Brisbane city


    Or was it Gotham City?!



    Have you seen any of Ron Mueck’s work?

    How did you respond?