Expedition to an Island Beach

In the dunes that back the beach, it amazes me that anything can grow ~

No nutrients in the soil, and such good drainage no water will hold between the fine white grains of sand –


Yet, defying possibility, these coastal plants produce luscious yellow blooms.

Flower_186Keeping close to the ground, hugging the sparkling shard minutia, they duck the salty sea winds.


Just their pollen rich blooms stand proud to catch the attention of passing pollinators 😉


Between the plants, signs of animal life leave their marks.


Not everyone is in hiding ~

Who goes there?


Who’s asking?

Not sure who is taken more by surprise ~ The wallabies or us!


Then, finally, through the bushy scrub between the trees the first glimpse of the sea.


There is possibly no more beautiful a sight than that first view through the she oaks


Once down onto the beach ~ I like a patch of shade from where I can look out to sea…


And wonder at the waves and the scale of the Pacific Ocean ~ Nothing lying between me and South America.

Where is your favourite beach?

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7 thoughts on “Expedition to an Island Beach

    • Thanks Paul ~
      Like you in Melbourne, our water views are usually ‘just’ across the Bay, so I really enjoy the extra foray to get through to the ocean side of Stradbroke Island, where the sea is so rugged and wild and expansive 🙂

      Do you have a piece of ocean you can get to to gaze out in wonder at?

      • Alas no, Linda. My view is of a two-storey grey brick wall with the windows painted over. It’s a constant reminder to work hard and find a better place for myself in the world (near the sea!). Your post is further inspiration. One of these days, Alice; one of these days! P. 🙂

  1. I Love the bright yellow flowers. What a beautiful contrast and something nice and cheery to feast my eyes on after a very cold and wintery day here in Sydney! I always love an expedition 🙂

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