What am I doing walking along with a stick held aloft? 🙂


Water divining?

…  Water divining?

Nope ~ Just out for a leisurely evening stroll in the bush 😀

But it’s spoilt when I walk into one of these!

Australia spider

Spider across the path 😉

A spider draped across my path waiting for dinner to drop in!

I’m not quite sure what type they are 🙁

Do you know?

Australia spider

Spider waiting for dinner

They’re about 4 to 6 cm across

Australia spider

Spider’s web between the trees

And they like to make their webs in the space across the path from bush to bush ~

golden orb web spider


When spotted in time, I’ll duck so as to leave the web unscathed and intact ~

golden orb web spider

Spider on his web

But there’s just nothing worse than having an unexpected face to face encounter! Hence the safety precaution of the stick 😉

These little chaps are a bit shier

Australia spider

Spider camouflaged as a leaf

Camouflaged in a curled up leaf they lay in wait in bushes along the sides of the track ~

Australia spider

Looking down into the curled up leaf

Obviously after smaller prey!


Journey Jottings:

Where/When/How ~ What did I See, Hear, Smell, Touch, Taste?

  • Stradbroke Island, Q. Evening walk
  • SEE ~ long brown & yellow scampering spider legs, bulbous bodies
  • HEAR ~ scrunching of dead leaves & twigs underfoot, snapping of surprisingly strong web strands across the path
  • SMELL ~ honey myrtle & anticipation of an encounter
  • TOUCH ~ sticky pieces of web stuck in my hair & down my arms
  • TASTE ~ natural Aussie bushland

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6 thoughts on “Spiders

  1. Linda, you’ve posted some great photos there of your wildlife friends.

    My money is on the Golden silk orb-weaver or more commonly known as Golden Orb-weaver [Nephila plumipes] for the first set of photos. Wikipedia says there’s 27 species in the Nephila family. I’d say yours is the N. Plumipes.

    The last two photos look to be of the Leaf Curling Spider – Phonognatha graeffei [Family Nephilidae]

    Some excellent photos and infos on both those spiders can be found at the BrisbaneInsects.Com pages of:
    Golden Orb-Weaver 1 – Nephila plumipes

    Leaf Curling Spider – Phonognatha graeffei

    Cheers 🙂

  2. Fantastic links John ~
    Yes, the Golden Orb Weaver I’m sure it is!

    At least these are totally harmless Brooke!!
    Its just the thought of them scuttling up your arm or across your face if you walk unwittingly into those webs, which as that link says are usually between 1 and 3 meters off the ground ~ Perfect human snaring height 😉

  3. So glad you don’t kill them, I’m devastated when people kill spiders, scary as they appear but yes she’s a golden orb weaving spider, very very strong web (can catch birds). She is harmless and would most likely scurry away than bite you which is not that easy anyway considering we’re so big!
    I do the same thing in summer, just get a stick and move the web somewhere else, I get a similar orb weaver (garden) big and fat in my backyard, nothing worse than wondering where the heck the spider is if I have web all over my head!
    Lovely post!
    Lise :^)

  4. Your comment about “where the heck the spider is if I have web all over my head!” is precisely how I feel LOL But despite the dread of that feeling, I certainly could never dispose of them… hence removing them gently out of my way 🙂

  5. Great photos too and glad that you can share your travels with all creatures big & scary, it gives me faith in humans, as sometimes I feel like I prefer animals when I see the way some humans treat animals. Funny thing is I think us gals are less scared of spidies that men are, unless they are the bug loving variety, scientific types!

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