Travelling on Home Turf

Its funny how we clamber to travel and explore other parts of the globe, whilst travellers from other parts of the globe clamber to travel and experience our home turf!

Places, that to us are merely where we go about our everyday business are to them a far off distant land worthy of exploring; areas that we think of as ‘boring back waters’ to them arouse wide-eyed interest and fascination.

So, what wonders are we missing by walking around with our eyes closed?

We need to maintain the visitor’s vigilant eye of observation so details that fall on either side of our rushed daily paths don’t go unnoticed ~

I had to do some ‘travelling’ this week, having a business appointment in Brisbane on Monday, and then a Wednesday down the coast in Surfers Paradise ~

Ferry from the Moreton Bay Islands to Redland Bay

I took the ferry to the mainland, and a train into Brisbane Central where I walked down Creek Street passing Koala House, which had a huge sculpture of a Koala atop it that to be honest, I’d never noticed before! 😉

Koala House, Brisbane

At the bottom is Eagle Street where, on one of the top floors of this skyscraper, I had my first appointment for the week.

Eagle Street, Brisbane

The view from the top was wonderful, looking down onto the Brisbane River…

Eagle Street Pier, Brisbane

…across to Kangaroo Point

Brisbane River

…and the Story Bridge

Story Bridge

A few days later I cruised by car down the coast on a short trip to Surfers Paradise calling in at the Coast Map Shop (to replenish our map stocks) and then onto meet up with Kirsty Wilson who produces the TravelTipsPlus website.

We met at the Marina Mirage, one of the few places on the east coast you can watch the sunset over water!

Marina Mirage, Surfers Paradise

Many people travel to new places to experience change, so I find artist Andy Goldsworthy‘s comment an interesting thought ~

“I believe that change is best understood by staying in one place.”

I love ‘travelling’ on my home ground ~ It only becomes mundane and dull when you stop looking!


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9 thoughts on “Travelling on Home Turf

  1. Spot on!!! I couldn’t agree more! And I really like your pictures… Can you believe it, I’ve never visited Brisbane in the 3.5 years I’ve been living in Australia? Anyway, I’ll make sure to send you a note when I do, so you can give me some of your favourite spots.

    Isn’t it funny how, when you live in a city, you tend to always go back to the same places and not pay enough attention to what’s around you? We’re lucky to live in an amazing country, so I do my best to try and keep a fresh eye on my surroundings. This way I still discover pretty amazing things almost every day… I just wrote a blog post about it, titled “Be a tourist in your own city”, hope you’ll like it:

    • I loved having the excuse to cruise down the coast (which in turn encouraged me to call in on some long overdue appointments 🙂
      As a traveller the words ‘dragging’ and ‘south’ simply don’t belong in the same sentence 😉

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  3. Nice photos of Brisbane. I’m coming over in Novemberto visit my son (he lives on the Gold Coast), I’m really looking forward to seeing the changes in Brisbane as I haven’t been there for many years although I have chatted on 4BC about travel stuff. Keep up the good work!

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